South Face Art


Claudia Schellenberg

I paint mainly mountains and landscapes in watercolour since 2002. Later I added acrylic paintings and some oil paintings. I have participated many years in the Christmas Artisan Market and in the Canmore Mountain Market, the Hospital Show and town art projects. I’m also a Canmore Art Guild member since 2004 and have exhibited in many CAG Gallery shows including the Christmas Shows, two solo shows, 3D shows and abstract shows. Working from my home studio where there are always projects on the go, either painting or sewing.


I also sell reproductions such as small and medium sized prints,cards and magnets. I have artsy Christmas cards, the front made out of fabric, decorated with beads, stitching, bands…. And, if you still need a mask, I make them with three layers of cotton fabric, interfacing and filter pocket.

Order through my facebook page, or through my website under “contact”.

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